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Fail to prepare… prepare to fail.

Ransomware resilience is your secret weapon

Inside this guide, we will tell you exactly what to do now to ensure your business is fully prepared for an attack.  We'll also explain how you can minimize the chances of it happening, and recover more quickly if it does happen.

It's almost impossible to find technical answers to real-world business challenges without all the tech jargon. Systems X understands IT from a business owner's point of view.
Elizabeth Gomez
WID - Michigan Chapter
From the beginning of our relationship, Systems X has been an education-first IT partner. They continue to provide us with common sense IT "how-tos" that benefit our internal team.
John Stolz
Rocktech Systems
Systems X is constantly cranking out valuable IT and cybersecurity information. Once we brought them on as a partner, we quickly realized they practice what they preach.
Nezar Akeel
MAXPRO Fitness

Ransomware At a Glance

Did you know a business is attacked with ransomware every 11 seconds?

Ransomware is where your data is encrypted until you pay a ransom fee. It’s terrifying to see, and very hard to undo once an attack has launched.

Due to the pandemic, cyber-crime such as this shot up by 600% last year. Cyber criminals are targeting small and medium sized businesses because many don’t take cyber security seriously enough.

It only takes one click on one bad link to let a criminal into your system. Once in, they will spend weeks hidden in the background, secretly preparing an attack. Their primary goal is to stop your IT partner from kicking them out once the attack has started.


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One of the best ways to protect your business from ransomware is to actively prepare for an attack.

Here are 5 steps to improve your ransomware resilience.    


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