PLEX Service Partner


Systems X has been working with PLEX as a customer before becoming a service partner. Ours is a path of internal experience that transformed into assisting and managing implementations for the automotive, aerospace and plastics industries.

Our founding members have been designing, integrating, and optimizing ERP, EDI and complex information systems since 1989. After implementing PLEX in 2009, we gained a strong understanding of the obstacles from an internal point of view and realize the impact I.T. has on the bottom line.

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The implementation team has worked on numerous platforms and software applications in support of complex manufacturing operations. We offer the experience of having managed the I.T. function for manufacturers with over one billion in annual sales and locations in five continents.

Systems X will assist your business transformation while supporting efficient and metric-driven synchronization of financial, operational, and sales performance. Our team of professionals can leverage your PLEX implementation in order to drive your performance improvements.
• 20+ years ERP experience
• Extensive automotive experience
• In-house development capabilities
• Rapid implementation based on best practices
• Post implementation support
• Project management support
• Vendor management experience

PLEX Implementation Process and Best Practices

Founded in the city that invented the assembly line, our roots are in the automotive supplier ecosystem.



Process Optimization

We take the time to understand your business processes, culture and objectives. Our team provides hands-on experience and continuous knowledge transfer throughout the PLEX implementation process. We compliment PLEX and your internal resources with our extensive industry experience and implementation best practices knowledge.

PLEX Configuration Support

Our implementation specialists will assist with the initial PLEX configuration to ensure that each step of your manufacturing process is accounted for. After the implementation is completed, we apply continuous improvement processes alongside your team that continue to drive down costs and improve results.

IT Resource Setup and Training

From small to large PLEX launches, we have played a critical role in setting up PLEX workstation carts, network infrastructure, wireless and IT security components that play a critical role in the implementation process. Our team will ensure that each end user has a full understanding of how to use their function of PLEX, from the shop floor to the top floor.

ERP Requirements for Automotive Assembly

Our roots are in the design, integration and management of IT functions within the assembly line process for global automotive suppliers and manufacturers. In an environment where each moment of downtime costs more than the last, we have a deep understanding of ERP requirements for the automotive part manufacturing, assembly and traceability.