Industrial IT Services

A Partner That Understands Your Business

Our roots in managing the IT operations for large automotive suppliers have provided us accumulated lessons learned and lean manufacturing principles that we apply in all aspects of our business today. Our historical know-how and continuous improvement culture is a business advantage that we share with our customer's daily.



New or existing virtual server hosting and maintenance, and migration from physical to virtual environments


Your business does things differently, keep it that way with a customized cloud solution built around your requirements


Stay prepared with peace of mind knowing your data is safe a up-to-date

Global Experience in Manufacturing

• Real-Time Reporting
• Plant integration
• Error-Proofing
• Lot Traceability
• KPI Dashboards
• Automated Production Reporting
• Automated Data Collection systems
• Statistical Manufacturing Control
• Real-Time Label Printing
• ERP/PLM/PDM Implementation

• Birth to Grave Part Identification
• Multi-Broadcast Point Processing
• Process Control / Automation
• Electronic BOM and Custom Standards
• Historical Standards (SCAA, Actual, Ideal, Process Improvements)
• Plant Automation Systems for Sequence Build, Packing Error-Proofing
• Work cell optimization
• Visual inventory management
• Poka-yoke
• Plant projects