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IoT Solution

Connecting You With Value


Connect your workforce

Smart Dashboards and Data models
for analyzing and seeing actionable information to help your team make better business decisions.


Connect your shop

IoT solutions that seamlessly collect all of your data allowing you to use it outside the factory to improve quality, processes & decision-making.


Connect your data

Purpose-driven solutions by design to empower you to accelerate your business transformation and increase your competitive edge.


Meet compliance requirements


Role Based
security & auditing



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"You are assertive and we stand ready to empower that critical quality in business with
real-time data. Our solutions mitigate the need
for manual processing to ensure your data is secure, accurate, and compliant."

Industry Solutions
Delivering Value

Connecting you with what's next is our pledge, see how we do it !!



ERP Integrated SAT Compliance

Our compliance platform ensures you maintain the current legal framework obligations for Mexican entities. Our solution facilitates all the required reporting and secures information submission using highly automated processes to free your accounting resources from clerical intense activities
and errors.


6H IoT Connector

Shop Floor Integration

Industry 4.0 transformation

The SX Shop floor connector leverages your PLC data by integrating your shop floor equipment and ERP application. You will improve manufacturing outcomes by increasing productivity, data collection flexibility, safety, and security all while reducing costs and enabling a higher degree of requirements customization.



6h CIP

Cloud Integration Portal

smart & flexible 2-tier solution

Our integration portal is a flexible platform that automates enterprises' financial centralization processes, acquisition integration requirements, electronic payment implementations, and more. In addition, our portal offers international compliance requirements and strong auditing capabilities. This solution is the smart integration strategy that connects you with what's next!


"We believe that innovative ideas are essential to business success. As your business partner, we are committed to making your differentiating ideas come to fruition with elegant and powerful software solutions."

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